10 Mistakes Every New Woodoku Player Makes


Woodoku will please those who love puzzles because it is a unique combination of Sudoku and wooden block games. However, some traps await the newcomers who dive into its exciting world. Understanding some of the most  common mistakes in gameplay can make a world of difference for better gaming experiences.

Misunderstanding the Game Basics

Confusing Woodoku with Traditional Sudoku

There are many mistakes that beginners commit with respect to Woodsoku. In the first place, these beginners, in their ignorance, do not see any difference between Woodsoku and Sudoku. However, some additional wood blocks bring in their particular problems. One needs to identify the distinct attributes of Woodoku to be a successful player.

Neglecting Spatial Awareness

In that respect, Woodoku relies heavily on one’s ability to view things in space. Early game overs sometimes occur because of the inability of a player to foresee how blocks are supposed to fit within the square. Space development is the foundation for success in Woodoku.

Rushing Through Moves

It is always the case that the impatient character can become a Woodoku player’s downfall. Making hasty moves without considering their consequences, one can easily end up in a trap. It always pays off to pause between moves and assess the far-reaching effects therein.

Failing to Plan Ahead

The current move in Woodoku determines the next follow-up moves. Sometimes beginners get so carried away by short-term profits that they forget about possible moves in subsequent blocks. Having an overarching strategy that looks a few moves forward is something that may change everything.

Overcommitting to One Strategy

Being rigid in the course of implementing the game plan always brings out the worst. With regard to Woodoku, a flexible approach is needed. The new players must be flexible in order to adjust their strategies during the match.

Ignoring the Power of Practice

Likewise, it is difficult for Woodoku experience to be established overnight as it took centuries for Rome to be established. Initial losses can also discourage new players. Nevertheless, similar to every skill, the pathway to improvement is through continuous training.

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